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Posted By Global Black Pages on 09/19/2020 in News

10 Black-owned clothing brands every black person should be supporting right now

10 Black-owned clothing brands every black person should be supporting right now

10 Black-owned clothing brands every black person should be supporting right now 



In the wake of the George Floyd and Black Lives Matter, protests heard from around the world, numerous brands have made their stance in support for the black community known on social media, while others have chosen to stay silent. The fight against the ongoing systematic racism and police brutality against black people in our country isn’t going to change overnight, but it is important that we continue to show black creators and brands the validation and recognition that they deserve. 

Many brands have taken to social media, publicly announcing their support for the Black Lives Matter Movement and plans to donate to various organizations to support the cause. While these efforts are well and good, this difficult time has also brought to light the countless fashion brands who profit off of Black culture, but lack diversity on their Instagram feeds, websites, and in their offices, or have failed to speak out on these issues head-on. While the influence the Black community has on the fashion industry is undeniable, independent Black creators are still often overshadowed by others in the space. 

These 10 brands are those who are sometimes forgotten who deserve recognition for their hard work and designs. From streetwear to swimwear and high fashion, these brands should be on your radar the next time you decide to buy from an online store or want to add a couple of new pieces to your closet. It is crucial now more than ever, that we stand up and support these local and global creators. 


Matte Brand


MATTE Brand was built from the ground up by creator Briana Wilson. In an exclusive interview with The Fader, she explains how her brand is exclusively geared towards black women and tailored to fit black women’s body types, curves and all. MATTE has gained popularity since its start in 2014 and has been seen on big celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Karreuche, and Draya. MATTE Brand has launched its newest collection: ‘Matte 1992’ based on Briana’s love for the 90s.





Loudbrandstudios is a conceptualized brand that honors limited timeless pieces. Curated and designed in London, Founder & Creative Director Jedidiah Duyile wanted to produce pieces that reminded women of just how sexy they are. Their main inspiration stems from an appreciation of the vintage casual inspired looks of the early 2000s with a modern-day twist. Loudbrand has been seen on celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, of which after her controversial Instagram post, Loudbrand sold out of most of their most popular items.

Kai Collective 


Established in August 2016, Kai Collective is a London-based womenswear brand of attainable clothing with luxury aesthetics founded by owner and creative director, Fisayo Longe. Longe herself is a fashion and travel blogger. With a deep passion for women and equality, Kai Collective seeks to create clothing for multi-dimensional women who embrace their femininity in all its various forms. Through clothing, Kai Collective is able to communicate with women and inspire that extra dose of confidence.


VCN Clothing 


Starting VCN in 2018 as just a freshman at Kent State University, owner of VCN, Von started the brand just out of Cleveland, Ohio. The acronym “VCN” stands for vision, create, and network, three things Von believes takes to build a brand. The VCN logo was inspired by Von’s grandmother who passed away, who’s favorite animal was an elephant which symbolizes wisdom and power. VCN has launched a summer collection featuring an exclusive line of slides and tracksuits available for men and women. 



Cross Colours 


Streetwear brand Cross Colours celebrates hip-hop culture and voices cultural and social activism through fashion with their exclusive collection of vintage label logo T-Shirts, hoodies, crewnecks, and other unique pieces. Long before brands were saying Black Lives Matter, Cross Colours produced “clothes without prejudices.” Carl Jones started the line in 1989 just as hip-hop was establishing itself and then Thomas “TJ” Walker joined. Jones and Walker decided to shut the brand down, lost its trademark, but eventually got it back in 2014 and relaunched.



Liv Streetwear


With the new and current collection of Liv Streetwear, head designer and founder, Olivia Anthony, wanted to pay homage to the 1990’s athleisure style. She incorporated bright colors and bold silhouettes, staying true to the esthetic of the brand. She wanted to be sure that anyone could wear the pieces, whether you're going to work or going out, Liv Streetwear is sure to make you look like a streetwear gem. The brand relaunch in 2017 has become a tremendous success with high praise from Vogue, Complex, Refinery29, and more. 






LAPP debuted in September 2016 by Victoria's Secret Fashion Show veteran and Instagram darling Leomie Anderson, who can now add designer to her name. LAPP has become a game-changing feminist clothing brand and online community.


 Bricks & Wood


Based in South Central, Los Angeles, Bricks, and Wood was started in 2014 by Kacey Lynch. This apparel company is focused on storytelling through manufacture, design, & collaborations whose pieces are inspired by the everyday walks of life within South Central. Bricks and Wood’s signature beanies have been worn by celebrities such as Tyler, the Creator, and Anderson Paak. The line is informed by Lynch’s upbringing in LA and he aims to not only produce products but give a platform to unheard voices.   




Kloset Envy


Founded in 2012 by owner Jai Nice, Kloset Envy is an online store that is all about creating new trends and styles, whose motto is looking good and stylish without breaking the bank. Kloset Envy offers all of the latest stylish pieces at an affordable price. Kloset Envy’s in-house designs are created with every type of woman in mind and strive to make every woman feel beautiful, sexy, and confident in their own skin. 



Keva J


Keva J swimwear provides unconventional wear for every stylish trendsetter. Named after herself, Keva J swimwear designs are sure to take you to island paradise, as they are inspired by unique jamaican designs. Keva J swimwear has been seen on today’s most popular and notable celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, and Rita Ora, while the designer herself has made appearances on B.E.T’s Rip the Runway and the REAL daytime TV show.












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